How To Draw People

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This site will give you a good guide on mastering the art of drawing people. Wether you are a beginner or advanced the tips will help you discover how fun it is. Ok it may be a bit difficult, but we learn to overcome the challenge and enjoy it. As you read, pick up tips and learn how to draw people your experience will become so much more enjoyable. The categories on the right hand side are full of video guides to teach you in more detail. We can show you what to do, and how to do it, but as with most thongs most of your learning will come from your practice, trial, and error.

First we need to show you some simple steps and where to begin when it comes to not only drawing the human body, but techniques that can also be applied to the art of drawing as a whole. Starting from scratch just as any professional artist does we need to plan out a guide as to how the drawing of the human body will be set out. By this I mean making sure each aspect is in proportion to one another. I.E an arm is not longer than a leg. Now they say a pictures worth a thousand words, and I believe it really is. There are several techniques for setting the proportions correctly.





Remember these initial lines are your guide so preferably use feint pencil marks at this stage. Looking at the first image mark out 9 horizontal lines spread out inline with where the picture will be. As you’ll see the head is equal to the distance between the first and second line. From the bottom of the foot to the top of the leg is the distance of that 4 times the head, with the knee half way. The waist/navel is one more line up. Now from that you can see how we have panned out out plan for a drawing. As in the second picture another technique, if you are a little more advanced  is use sausage like outlines, this depicts the wooden models also used in drawing classes. Again here you are getting the proportions correct. Think of each limb as a sausage, and they join each other. If you struggle here then use lines to first create a stick man, which shows the centre points of each limb. The idea of using a sausage like framework is how personally learnt, and I find it works particularly well with drawing human hands, as each of the 3 sections of the finger represents one of the illusional sausages.




You may not be working with a standing figure. In this example I’m showing you that when out lining a sitting down figure the distance from the shoulder to the seat is equal to that of the distance from the bottom of the back to the knee.





The last area of mapping out your plan on paper is perspective. Meaning how small or large something appears depending on how close or far away it is from the eye. It is used more in pictures of say example buildings and landscapes where there can be great distance between objects. However it is still a good tip to remember when drawing people. Again we are using lines to map out a plan. From the completed drawing on left, I have mapped out the important perspective lines. These are some of the initial lines to draw out, the first again being the centre line, which shows the closest point to our own eye. From there you’d mark out the perspective lines. Note the 2 line that are showing the eye centre and also the brow. By doing this you should finish with a good piece of work with the nearest eye being a slightly larger image than the other eye. This is example is using 2 point perspective where the vanishing points are over to the left and right way off the drawing.